Boiler Equipment: WARE Providing More to its Customers

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  • 5/3/2011 |
  • 10:00 am
Boiler Equipment: WARE Providing More to its Customers

A good company doesn’t just sell you the boiler equipment you want; they help you determine the exact boilerÊequipment you need. Companies are discovering that now is a great time to replace aging boiler room equipment and revamp their current steam generating boiler room equipment. With increasing energy costs companies are interested in maximizing cost savings while still providing the operations they need. Such was the case of the Georgia Carpet Mill manufacturing plant.

Increased production demand for boiler rooms, coupled with old, oversized boilers, created excessive cycling and inconsistent pressure and flow fluctuations. There was also growing concern that the lead boiler could fail or cycle in ways that would negatively affect product quality. Gas consumption increased and costs were a major concern. After contacting the experts at WARE it was decided to get a handle on the actual flow rates a series of vortex steam flow meters and monitored the system for 30 days.

Following WARE’s analysis they came up with a boiler room system that reduced their emissions to meet the sub 30 ppm NOx and 3% O2 level across the board from a 17% firing rate to 100% firing rate requirements set by the customer. This plan not only reduced their carbon footprint; it also reduced fuel costs. All of this accomplished with one modification to the ageing boiler room system.

Patrick Gigandet (engineering consultant for WARE) summed up the project well. “The work we did with this Georgia carpet mill is a perfect example of how Ware is not just a boiler equipment provider but a critical partner in the engineering and consultation of the boiler room unit selection process”.


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