Fuel Savings with Temp-A-Trim¨ System

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  • 4/7/2011 |
  • 10:00 am
Fuel Savings with Temp-A-Trim¨ System

Temp-A-Trim System® is so Effective in Fuel Savings, Local Public Service Thinks There’s A Gas Leak!

Try to imagine having problems like these. One day the local gas and utility company sends a hoard of technicians to your company in a panic. The problem? You’re fuel use has dropped so dramatically they actually believe there’s a gas leak! This is the “problem” one Iowa High School faced recently after upgrading their operations with Webster Engineering and Manufacturiong Company, Inc. burners fitted with a Temp-A-Trim® system.

In 2009 a large high school in Des Moines, Iowa wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their existing boiler-burner heating system. The original system utilized two 500 BHP Burnham low pressure steam boilers with Gordon Piatt burners, but was oversized for the current requirements. This caused the burners to continuously cycle off and on, even on the coldest days, wasting fuel.

The burners were also installed right in front of the fresh air louvers of the mechanical room which resulted in significant combustion air temperature swings which also adversely affected burner performance. A Webster representative suggested the installation of a high turndown burner with a Temp-A-Trim® system. A log tag was also attached to the current burners to monitor air combustion performance for about 6 months.

After analyzing the data they discovered the burners were experiencing a 55F combustion temperature swing. Using this data they calculated a burner retrofit payback using a Webster Payback program based on installing a new 350 BHP Webster 12:1 turndown burner with the Temp-A-Trim® system. The payback was estimated to be $7,600.00 a year. Using this calculation the high school applied for an Energy rebate from the local gas and electric provider and was awarded a $14,500 energy rebate. The customer couldn’t be happier to have “problems” like these!


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