New ND50 Model and ECO-AXS Released by GEA PHE Systems!

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  • 12/31/2014 |
  • 10:00 am
New ND50 Model and ECO-AXS Released by GEA PHE Systems!
About the ND50-

Double wall heat exchangers are an excellent solution for ensuring critical medias do not cross leak inside the exchanger. The double wall exchanger adds a physical lead path between the media to remove the potential for mixing. While a similar effect can be achieved by controlling the pressure in individual lines, differential pressure can only control which media leaks into the other. Select an ND series for applications demanding higher levels of safety against cross contamination. Some example applications are potable water systems, engine cooling systems and critical machinery cooling.

GEA Heat Exchangers is proud to release the ND50 series to complement the existing ND100. A large portion of the double wall market is residential potable water systems and small engine lubricant cooling. The ND50 can give you a double wall solution with a lower initial investment cost that is better suited for smaller applications. The ND50 boasts all the benefits of the NT series and gives significant advantages over other technologies.

About the ECO-AXS-

GEA Heat Exchangers recently introduced the new ECO-AXS, easy close frame at the Pack Expo in Chicago, IL. The introduction of this frame now allows GEA to meet the needs of customers who require a quicker and easier method of opening and closing their frames with the ability to move the loose plate at up to 7 inches per minute at the touch of a button.

The ECO-AXS frame is comprised of 4 tie rods that rotate in an ACME follower nut to pull the moveable end plate to the proper position. Three frame types Ð Automatic, Internally Powered and Externally Powered are available to meet all levels of required automation.

ECO-AXS Ð Your access to convenience, reliability, efficiency and profitability. Contact us for more information.
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