Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Information

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  • 4/20/2011 |
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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Information

DSIRE: A Comprehensive Database for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Incentives

The DSIRE web site provides information about renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives and policies in the United States. Relevant incentives and policies established by the federal government, state governments, local governments, utilities and non-profit organizations are included in DSIRE.

Incentives & Policies

The DSIRE home page features a U.S. map for easy access to incentives and policies available in each state. Clicking a state or territory yields a list of available incentives and policies in that state, organized into two categories: (1) Financial Incentives and (2) Rules, Regulations & Policies.

The list of incentives and policies provides links to individual summaries with the following details:

  • The incentive or policy type (e.g., tax credit, rebate program, net metering)

  • The implementing sector (e.g., federal, state, utility)

  • Eligible sectors (e.g., residential, commercial, government)

  • Eligible technologies (e.g., solar water heating, wind energy, insulation)

  • Links to authorizing statutes, regulations and other relevant legal documents

  • A summary of the incentive or policy

  • A link to the incentive or policy web site

  • Contact information

DSIRE includes information on federal incentives and policies for renewables and energy efficiency technologies, with an emphasis on incentives for end-users. DSIRE does not include research & development incentives, outreach programs, or non-programmatic funding opportunities. Click Federal Incentives on the DSIRE home page to see what's available.

National & Regional Policy Trends

DSIRE’s Summary Maps provide a geographical overview of certain financial incentives and regulatory policies that promote renewable energy. DSIRE’s Summary Tables provide an overview of renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives and policies available in each state.

DSIRE Searches

The Search tool on the DSIRE home page allows users to search all incentives and policies by state, incentive type, technology type, implementing sector and/or eligible sector. Searching by any of these criteria provides a comprehensive list of applicable incentives and policies, with links to each program summary. To view or print all summaries, click "See All Summaries" at the top of the page.

Other DSIRE Resources

DSIRE also offers the following resources, accessible via the DSIRE home page:

  • Lists of new and updated incentives and policies (What’s New?)

  • A glossary of relevant terms

  • A library of relevant DSIRE publications and presentations

  • Links to other organizations and useful resources 

  • Solar-specific policy resources (DSIRE Solar)


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