Resin, The Ant-Man of Boilers

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  • 8/13/2015 |
  • 10:00 am
Resin, The Ant-Man of Boilers
Ant Man hit theaters July 17th with Paul Rudd playing hero Scott Lang. Ant Man is a character from the Marvel Universe who can shrink to the size ofÉ you guessed it - an ant. Along with his ability to shrink, he has super human strength. He truly is the tiniest protector of the Marvel Universe. The tiny protector in the ÒBoiler UniverseÓ is called resin.

Resin is a collection of tiny beads that are negatively charged and are located inside a water softener. Their purpose is simple: to protect your boiler. They do this by filtering the water before it enters your boiler. If these tiny protectors were not present, the minerals in the water would cause pitting and scaling in your boiler which greatly reduce heat transfer efficiency.

Resin plays a pivotal role in keeping your water clean. It is something that you typically donÕt see but is at the heart of your water softener. Without it, the feedwater to your boiler would be filled with impurities that would significantly reduce the useful life of your boiler.

So how does it work?

Water enters the water softener ÒhardÓ. ÒHardÓ is another way of saying that it is full of minerals and dissolved solids. These minerals are positively charged. When they flow through the water softener and across the negatively charged resin beads, an ION exchange occurs and the minerals attach themselves to the beads. This allows clean soft water to pass through to your boiler system.

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