The Boiling Point: 900 HP Mobile Boiler Rental Inside Look

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  • 3/12/2015 |
  • 10:00 am
The Boiling Point: 900 HP Mobile Boiler Rental Inside Look
The Boiling Point's new video gives us an inside look at the 900 HP Mobile Boiler. The advantages of an 800hp Skid Mount vs. a 900hp Mobile Boiler Rental:

1. The skid mount has to be unloaded and have a shelter built over it.

2. In colder climates there has to be insulation and heat trace installed on skid mount systems. A mobile rental boiler is already enclosed and insulated.

3. Mobile boiler rental units are faster and easier to install.

Other features of the WARE mobile boiler rentals:

1. Stainless steel lining for easy maintenance and cleaning

2. Line-X protective coated floors for longer life, less maintenance, and improved foot traction for safety.

3. The boiler has X-ID tubes for improved efficiency

4. Additional insulation on the boiler doors and piping for increased efficiency.

5. Limpsfield burner, high efficiency and low turn down with auto-flame controls (WARE sets up for customer).

6. Differential Pressure Transmitters

7. Broad flame view on the Limpsfield burners.

Steven and Ritchie answer a few other questions including:

1. How much gas pressure is needed for these mobile boiler rentals?

2. Will these mobile boiler rentals burn gas and #2 diesel fuel?

3. What is unique about the Siemens gas valve used on the mobile rental boiler?

4. What electrical power is needed for these mobile units?

5. Are all the connections or exhausts on the outside of the trailer?

Email us at news@pentadassoc.com for more info, or to contact the Ware team!
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