Webster Engineering - Temp-A-Trim¨

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  • 4/2/2011 |
  • 10:00 am
Webster Engineering - Temp-A-Trim¨

With energy costs rising and operating budgets coming under increased financial pressure, the Webster Temp-A-Trim® might just be the solution to your long term energy saving plan. Air temperatures in your boiler room can change dramatically from day to night and season to season. These changes can cause significant combustion inefficiencies while degrading combustion stability. Temp-A-Trim® saves you money because it precisely monitors the fuel/air ratio in your burner. Temp-A-Trim® senses combustion air temperature and automatically varies the fan speed to create a constant air flow mass for combustion. By maintaining optimum fuel/air ratio, you are assured that your burner is operating at maximum efficiency.

Temp-A-Trim® Features & Benefits:

•    Precisely corrects for changes in air density to optimize combustion efficiency 24/7

•    Reduces the need for seasonal tuning of your burners

•    Feed-forward control for smooth, accurate operation

•    Easy to install, with no special setup or programming required

•    Compatible with linkage or linkage-less controls

•    Saves fuel and electricity while lowering noise levels

•    Available on all sizes of new or existing Webster burners

•    Lower cost, complexity, and maintenance than typical O2 systems

•    UL Listed

A Pentad sales representative is ready to discuss the Webster Temp-A-Trim® options and other cost saving heat recovery options that could save your business thousands of dollars in energy costs. Give us a call at 3030-688-4070 or e-mail us at sales@pentadassoc.com.


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