From Ted J. Wrona, President of Webster Engineering

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  • 5/2/2013 |
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From Ted J. Wrona, President of Webster Engineering
April 14, 2013

To whom it may concern:

Ref: Webster Brand Products

It has come to our attention that the market may be confusing burners manufactured by Webster Engineering & Manufacturing Company LLC., located in Winfield, Kansas, and market components such as oil pumps, backflow regulators and ignition transformers that are manufactured by other companies under a ÒWebsterÓ brand. Shown below are several such items.

ÒWebsterÓ Oil Pump ÒWebsterÓ Relief Valve ÒWebsterÓ Ignition Transformer

The first two items are sold under a ÒWebsterÓ brand by Webster Fuel Pumps & Valves, 219 Hahn Road, Frankfort, Ky. 40601, a division of Capital City Tool, Inc. The third item is manufactured and sold by Webster Electric Company, Racine, Wisconsin.

There is no ownership connection or marketing agreements between Webster Engineering & Manufacturing (the burner company) and either Webster Fuel Pumps & Valves or Webster Electric Company.

Webster Eng. & Mfg. builds burners to the specifications of their customers which may or may not include the items shown above. Please be assured that if Webster Eng. & Mfg. uses such a component on a burner you have purchased, Webster Engineering will back up the components quality and operation to the full extent of our warranty.

If you have questions or any issues with Webster Engineering burners or any of the components that Webster uses, please feel free to contact Webster or its authorized representative.


Webster Engineering & Manufacturing Co. LLC

T. J. Wrona

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