In the Spotlight: MODEL 545 DUPLEX STRAINER

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  • 5/2/2013 |
  • 10:00 am
In the Spotlight: MODEL 545 DUPLEX STRAINER
Fluid Engineering has added a new design to its product

line. The Model 545 is an in-line duplex liquid

strainer (patent pending) to improve the liquid flow

and save cost in the piping process.

Both sides of the duplex are designed for 100%

process flow and new geometry offers a lower

differential pressure, measured from the inlet flange

to outlet flange. This allows operators to transfer the

flow to the other side of the unit to clean the filter

basket when high differential pressure is observed.

The 545 is also available in an automated design: One side is in process and when the differential

pressure reaches a set point, it sends a signal to the control panel which in turn signals the clean side

valves to open. Once the clean side is open the dirty side valves close and a drain valve opens. At

this point the control panel will send a signal to the main control system alerting the operator that

maintenance is needed to clean the filter basket. If there is no main control panel, the operating

panel can be fitted with either a flashing light or siren. Once maintenance has been performed on

the basket and the closure tightened, a push button on the panel resets all of the functions and the

panel is set for the next high differential pressure.

**All credit goes to Fluid Engineering. Pentad Associates takes no credit for the above information.
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