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  • 5/1/2013 |
  • 10:00 am
The Grime Newsletter
Minimizing blowdown rate can substantially reduce energy losses

Companies in the market for a new boiler have some choices to consider. One option is to replace boiler with essentially the same unit, adding some additional features to make it more energy efficient. Another option would be to look into implementing a combined heat and power (CHP) strategy which would make the company eligible for a 10% Federal Investment Tax Credit.

Ware develops improved product to answer industry need

The Mod V valve is a newly developed product from Ware that replaces other feed water valves that were not performing as well in the field.

Professionals from Ware noticed an increase in maintenance on certain valves due to leaking problems both at the bonnet and through the valve itself. Lead time for getting replacement valves was also a concern, so the company decided to develop their own valve and the Mod V was born.

"The valves we were using were causing problems on our rental fleet in the field," explained Brian Grinestaff, Ware parts manager. "The four bolt connection would leak causing increased maintenance, water usage and boiler flooding."

The Mod V is an improved design. Using a V ported ball valve, the Mod V has great control and a bubble tight shut off to end leakage and cut down on waste. The parts are also readily available to shorten lead times. The new valve is more dependable and can hold up under the industrial use it is intended for in the boiler industry. It is designed for boiler feed water applications and is available in either 0 to 135 ohm or 4-20Ma Signal.

The new valve went from a standard linkage design to a newly designed precision machined linkage, that prevents slippage on the shaft. This change allows for lasting durability as well as increased repeatability and accuracy.

"We have been using it on our rental fleet and have seen a decrease in the maintenance and replacement of these valves," said Grinestaff. "The Mod V is also available for all of our customers and we have recently been able to replace faulty valves in less then 2 days."

For more information, contact The Valve Shop at Ware at 1-800-228-8861.

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