The New ND-Double Wall Plate is Here!!!

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  • 7/11/2013 |
  • 10:00 am
The New ND-Double Wall Plate is Here!!!
With our newest plate, the ND double-wall series, GEA PHE Systems has successfully combined a high efficiency heat transfer plate with an extremely reliable double-wall design that eliminates any risk of two fluids intermixing as they pass through the heat exchanger.

This series combines a pair of identical heat transfer plates that are laser welded together at the inlet and outlet port holes to form a small leakage gap between the two plates.

In the event of erosion due to harsh media, a gasket or weld defect due to pressure changes, this clever solution ensures no intermixing of the two non-compatible media while making the leak clearly visible.

A good example of where this design works well is in

oil coolers that use portable water to cool an engine.

Intermixing can create a lot of damage and the extra layer of protection and early leak detection is a must!

The new ND double-wall is more thermally efficient than the former Saftytherm plate line.

Your benefits are:

á Competitive pricing

á Shorter lead times

á A more efficient heat transfer design

á A plate that gives an extra layer of protection where needed

The ND double-wall plates are currently available in the

4Ó port hole sizes and come with all the design features of our NT series:

á Optiwaveª a design for even flow across the plate resulting in maximum heat transfer and less plates.

á PosLocª self-aligning plates for faster maintenance, shorter down time, longer gasket life.

á EcoLocª tool and glue free gasket attachments with plate alignment guides

For more information, contact your Sales Manager.

**Taken from GEA newsletter
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