Webster Combustion - Temp A Trim Announcement

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  • 7/29/2015 |
  • 10:00 am
Webster Combustion - Temp A Trim Announcement
Webster Combustion announces release of its enhanced auto air density trim system.

Temp-A-Trimª, WebsterÕs patented burner control system, is designed to deliver fuel savings of up to 3% and electrical savings of up to 30%. After years of successful installations, Temp-A-Trim is now available on new or installed commercial and industrial boiler burners of any brand.

Temp-A-Trim works by precisely correcting for air density as the combustion air temperature changes to optimize combustion efficiency automatically. A built-in variable frequency drive (VFD) adjusts the fan speed based on incoming air temperature to create a constant air flow mass for combustion, assuring that the burner is always operating at maximum efficiency, thereby burning less fuel and reducing emissions.

One of the best features about Temp-A-Trim is that it can be retrofitted on any commercial or industrial boiler burner regardless of size or brand. Temp-A-Trim installs easily with no special setup or programming required, and it is compatible with both linkage and linkageless control systems


Temp-A-Trim also saves labor and downtime, because it reduces the need for seasonal burner tune-ups. The built-in VFD provides a soft start, producing less motor wear and reduced noise level. And finally, Temp-A-TrimÕs air density control and VFD create opportunities for energy rebates, saving customers additional funds and making their return on investment even more enticing.

Call Pentad for pricing and availability on this terrific product!
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